Independent warping and beaming units, warping speeds up to 1,000 m/min and beaming speeds up to 200 m/min, and stops safely…


Integrated warping and beaming units, warping speeds up to 600 m/min and beaming speeds up to 100 m/min, and stops safely…

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DEVSAN launched PRUSA model of sectional warpers in early 2015, as a replacement of the old model. Automatic PRUSA warpers reflect DEVSAN’s 28 years of experience in manufacturing warping machinery.

PRUSA PRO model is the most advanced sectional warper offering of DEVSAN for sophisticated jobs such as aramid or for the stringent warping parameters, while PRUSA STD model is a cost-effective alternative for classical applications.

Beaming unit of PRO model is independent from the warping unit, it has better tension control, band build-up is controlled by laser sensor to provide equal band width and circumference, and it can transfer the warp from beam back to the drum if required.

PRUSA warper and creel components are designed and verified in SolidWorks computer aided design and engineering software. Warping drum’s static and dynamic integrity is checked and certified up to 1,000 m/min warping speed in PRO model and up to 600 m/min warping speed in STD model.

All mechanical components are manufactured in in-house CNC machining centers, including warping drum. Linear motion guide rails are machined at once to prevent any misalignment.

The vast knowledge of İlksez in the field of controls and automation is based on many years of experience with machines and ranges, also in other industries. DEVSAN, part of İlksez, designs and manufactures electrical and controls cabinets in-house. İlksez is a certified Siemens partner and distributor, and DEVSAN is a certified Siemens OEM.

DEVSAN machinery is manufactured in Turkey, complies with all applicable European machinery safety norms and CE & ISO 9001 certified.

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Machine highlights

  • 28 Years of Experience

    PRUSA PRO Sectional Warper reflect DEVSAN’s 28 years of experience in handling fiber and manufacturing machinery. It’s designed and engineered to produce top quality warps for high speed weaving of spun and synthetic fabrics.

  • Design & Engineering

    The most advanced sectional warper offering of DEVSAN for sophisticated fibers with stringent warping parameters, fifth generation PRUSA PRO Sectional Warper is 100% designed in SolidWorks 3D CAD environment by a team of textile, mechanical, electrical and electronical engineers.

  • Perfect Warp Quality

    Perfect warp quality is the first requirement of 21st century’s weaving department; second is to prepare the warp fast.

  • High Speed

    Warping speed of PRUSA PRO can reach up to whopping 1,000 meters per minute while 200 m/min beaming speed is enough for almost all applications. PRUSA STD’s warping speed is 600 per minute and beaming speed is 100 meters per minute. Warping drum rotates clockwise during warping (as viewed from cone side) thus eliminating upper guide roller.

  • Control System

    Controls software, developed by Siemens-Certified in-house software engineers, automatically calculates position, torque and setpoint for each drive by evaluating data from encoders, position and tension sensors, other process variables and mathematical formulations and iterations. PLCs, HMIs, drives and some sensors are connected on PROFINET network.

  • Servo Controls

    Warping Table is operated by means of a proprietary servo control system with two servomotors that enables the initial and subsequent sections to be automatically and precisely positioned (±0.1 mm) in X and Y axes. Warping Unit itself is also positioned on floor rails with the same precision by a third servomotor. All servomotors are Siemens.

  • Laser Sensor

    Band build-up is controlled by a laser sensor to provide and ensure identical band width and circumference.

  • Safety

    Two hydraulic disc brakes located on each side of the drum are used to stop the drum in the quickest manner possible when warping. These four brakes along with the warping drum drive and motor are also used to create the sheet tension required when beaming. Control System calculates required brake pressure and supplies it via Hydraulics System.

PRUSA – Technical Specifications

Useful Working WidthmmPRUSA 24: 1,600 - 2,400
PRUSA 36: 2,200 - 3,600
Max. Band Widthmm500
Drum Diametermm1,000900
Cone Taper1:71:6
Warping Speedm/min0 - 1,0000 - 600
Warping TensionN800
Beaming UnitIndependentIntegrated
Beam Diametermm800, 1,000 & 1,250800 & 1,000; Optional: 1,250
Beaming Speedm/min0 - 1000 - 200
Beaming TensionN25,000 (Torque-controlled)20,000 (Pneumatically controlled)
Braking< 3 meters @ 500 m/min Warping Speed
2 Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brakes on Each Side of Drum
1 Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brake on Beam Holder1 Pneumatic Brake on Beam Holder
Warper Traverse MotorSiemens Synch. Servomotor with Servo Drive
Warping Drum MotorSiemens Main Motor with Servo Drive, 15 kW
Beaming MotorSiemens Asynch. Motor with VFD Drive, 15 kW
Support Traverse Driver and MotorSiemens Synch. Servomotor with Servo Drive & Absolute Encoder
Support Distance Control Driver and MotorSiemens Synch. Servomotor with Servo Drive & Absolute Encoder
ControllerSiemens S7-1500 Series PLCSiemens S7-1200 Series PLC
Control System Communication BusPROFINET
Man-Machine InterfaceWarping UnitSiemens HMI 12”;
Optional: Siemens Panel PC 15”
Siemens HMI 9”;
Optional: Siemens Panel PC 12 or 15”
Beaming UnitSiemens
Mobile HMI 7”
Mobile HMI 4”
Safety Features▪ Thru-Beam Sensor on Warping Side
▪ Thru-Beam Sensor Between Warping and Beaming Units
▪ Light Curtain and Thru-Beam Sensor on Beaming Side (N/A in STD model)
▪ Multiple E-Stop Buttons
Beam PressingOptional
Liquid WaxingOptional